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PA Needs Prevention for All Families

By candleinc | August 11, 2016

Recent points were  raised with PA’s DDAP on the lack of prevention for families in the general public.  CANDLE is suggesting the state must broaden their scope. Presently only 12 PA communities receive the state’s  preferred family prevention 7 week program.  Only 15 families attend at a time and the program does not talk about drugs. The sessions … Read more

Please Show Your Support!

By candleinc | February 28, 2016

Dear Pennsylvania Reality Tour Directors & Volunteers, Please take a minute to advocate for prevention for families in Pennsylvania via the Governor’s Office. Please let our Governor know of your Reality Tour’s reach and success. Consider asking the Governor to investigate recent PA DDAP actions taken against Reality Tour – the most popular prevention program in the state … Read more

Reality Tour Best Practice Awards!

By candleinc | February 23, 2016

Congratulations go out to two of our Reality Tour sites in Pennsylvania! Jefferson County, PA Reality Tour – Brockway School District Superintendent, Mr. Dan Hawkins and Reality Tour volunteer Fran Morelli Jr. made an effort to increase attendance for their Reality Tour’s this month by personally calling parents who haven’t turned in their registration forms. They … Read more

Encouraging Words from a Parent

By candleinc | February 19, 2016

CANDLE, Inc. Board Member & Seneca Valley School District Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Matthew McKinley received this email from a parent who attended the Mars Reality Tour (Thursday, February 11, 2016). Thank you for sharing this with us Dr. McKinley! These words have inspired us all to keep doing Reality Tour, despite the state’s criticism levied … Read more

Reality Tour supporters weigh in…

By candleinc | January 11, 2016

Reality Tour will continue in Westmoreland County – Tribune Review Article Reality Tour has always embraced the opportunity to fill the gap that exists in prevention.  The gap between programs offered and what the public actually wants and will attend. It is easily recognized that parents and the general public are under-served populations in prevention. The Tribune … Read more

Innovation In Prevention

By candleinc | December 29, 2015

Click here to review DDAP history with Reality Tour Innovation in prevention is getting to be the hot topic as communities struggle to push back against an epidemic that demands that we do things differently. Someone said to me not long ago, “Reality Tour was ahead of its time.” I am thinking, “No way. We … Read more

Prevention in the Midst of a Drug Abuse Epidemic?

By candleinc | December 17, 2015

Chronology of PA DDAP Reality Tour issues We are more than a decade of descent into the current epidemic of drug abuse and those that we counted on to give us, yet nothing has changed in drug prevention in what ‘science’ is handing down. I had two misconceptions when I entered the realm of prevention: … Read more

Together we can make a difference

By candleinc | December 16, 2015

Review of DDAP’s Scare Tactics & 15 Families at a time approach to heroin epidemic. Pike County, PA – volunteers have been educating families in Pike County through Reality Tour since 2012. Their most recent Reality Tour was held on on November 19, 2015. Tour Director, Jill Gamboni, later received an email from a parent … Read more

The world is hugged by the faithful arms of volunteers.

By candleinc | December 16, 2015

Thank you so much for all of your hard work and to bear witness to your support as we stand up for what we believe in was an unexpected perk. We never could have asked for a group of more dedicated volunteers & supporters. Words cannot express how grateful we are to have you here. … Read more

Filling the Gap in Prevention for Parents…

By candleinc | December 7, 2015

Click here for updates on Reality Tour vs  PA’s DDAP ‘scare tactics. New blog info appears below: The mission of Reality Tour continues with the support of those who present the program, volunteer for it and those who attend. Science is important in prevention and CANDLE has aspired to include research as our resources have … Read more