All You Need For Red Ribbon Week – Free! Plus Tips!

teens discussing red ribbon week ideas

If you’re an educator, you’re probably looking for Red Ribbon Week ideas for October.  Take a deep breath and relax. We have 3 tips and then an introduction to SmartZone – now a free digital download with all you need for a successful Red Ribbon Week. What you are about to discover are not just … Read more

Xylazine – New Risk for Teen Overdose

The DEA issued a national alert for the deadly drug Xylazine, an animal tranquilizer, that has entered the illegal drug supply. Sometimes referred to as tranq, the drug is paired with fentanyl in clandestine labs that mainly produce fake pills. Fentanyl is the drug that has been pushing the overdose death rate skyward to 109,000 … Read more

Whippets – N20 Health & Planet Risk

Whippets in Detroit

Being a College Intern at the Drug Prevention Nonprofit – CANDLE, Inc.

I am a current college intern at CANDLE, Inc.’s Reality Tour which is a nonprofit organization that educates communities about youth substance abuse and teaches children to “See Beyond the Next 10 Minutes.” Why did I choose Reality Tour? I chose this internship because I wanted to be a part of something bigger that makes … Read more

What are the negative effects of social media on mental health and substance abuse?

Social media is a part of our daily lives now. With the click of a button, we can connect with friends, share our thoughts and experiences, and access information on any topic. While social media has many benefits, it can also harm our mental health and contribute to substance abuse. This blog post will explore … Read more

Testing Waters of New Normal in Prevention

    Change has been the driving force of the drug prevention nonprofit CANDLE, Inc. Change in the health and habits of the younger population. Change in the ability to make good decisions and be on the same page with their parents. For 20+ years we have been an organization whose mission depended on adapting … Read more

How Passion Builds Drug Prevention Communities & Strengthens Families

Cleveland Reality Tours

What could make someone leave their job of over 20 years? More money somewhere else? Relocating to a place with beautiful weather? For Norma Norris, the answer was simple: passion. She felt a calling to address the problem of drug use within her community. While having lunch with Norma she explained to me how she … Read more

Little Theaters Reimagined as Public Service Providers

Little Theaters Reimagined as Public Service Providers

Live performances across the United States, have taken a huge hit in the past two years. While government grants aided some little theater groups, recovery has largely taken a long intermission. The little theater movement of the early 20th Century was a way to break away from constraints to accommodate freedom of expression previously unknown. … Read more

How Substance Abuse Can Lead to Mental Illness: The Importance of Family Support

Substance Abuse Can Lead to Mental Illness - Family Support

Guest Author: Stanley Clark Stanley Clark is a community development volunteer and writer. He had worked on several commercials, events, and campaigns before writing full-time in the area of natural health and wellness. Research suggests that many individuals diagnosed with mental disorders also have substance abuse issues. Furthermore, surveys indicate that half of the individuals … Read more