Teen Brain – Train It Now!

Experience this interactive ‘operator’s manual’ for the teen brain. Youth ages 10-13 will find it fun and engaging. Great parent/child activity. Check out the prize bonus too. See how much you remember from the Teen Brain lesson! Students take a short quiz after completing the online lesson. Teachers may request the Teen Brain slides for in-person training.

Why Does NIDA Study Addiction in Teens?

The actor Brandon Thomas Lee recently sat down with NIDA’s Director, Dr. Nora Volkow, for a virtual conversation about addiction, recovery, mental health, and how COVID-19 affects it all. One of Brandon’s questions was, “NIDA does a lot of research focused on teenage/young adult drug use in particular—why is that?” Watch Dr. Volkow’s answer: The teen … Read more

What Are the Signs of Having a Problem With Drugs?

Addiction can happen at any age, but it usually starts when a person is young. It’s the result of changes in the brain that can come from drug use. Addiction affects how people think and what they do. But what exactly are the signs? First, it’s important to know that there is no “type” of person … Read more

“16 and Recovering”: Where Are They Now? Messages of Hope For Those Looking To Begin Their Own Recovery Journey

If you or someone you know has a problem with drugs, hearing about another person’s path toward recovery can help them see that treatment works and can encourage them to seek help. While the recovery journey may be challenging, it is possible. Through treatment, people with drug addiction can recover and continue to lead healthy … Read more