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The youth vaping problem emerged as a perfect storm around 2015.  At a time when cigarette smoking was at it lowest level among youth and adults, the industry response was to create a new market.

The recipe to addict our youth was as follows:

  • Convert the e-cigarette market to a concentrated nicotine delivery system
  • Create a sleek high-tech design to mimic a pen or a USB  (that parents wouldn't suspect)
  • Use technology to allow nicotine to cross the brain barrier more quickly
  • Use a nicotine concentration equal to a pack of cigarettes in each vaping pod to hasten nicotine addiction
  • Add fruity flavors to the vaping pods to appeal to youth
  • Improve the design of vaping devices to expel less visible vape clouds when expelled
  • Create a vape device that eliminates the odor of THC (marijuana) when vaped
  • Create a line of clothing designed to easy hold the vaping device as accessible but not visible.
  • Engineered vaping to become the new drug delivery system for deadly illegal drugs


Includes Tests for: Nicotine, Marijuana,   Fentanyl, Alcohol

Vaping - The New Drug Delivery System

Vaping devices have become the new illegal drug delivery system resulting in overdose incidents in schools all over the United States.  No one knows what drugs are involved when a student overdoses.  More schools now have Narcan available . In in a recent case it took two doses of Narcan to revive a student. There's no guarantee Narcan will work.  There is a new drug that is resistant to Narcan.


Fentanyl is showing up in vape pens and is impacting overdose incidents in schools. Narcan is the go-to antidote for fentanyl.

What happens with Narcan doesn't work? We may find out.  On the heels of deadly fentanyl - a few grains are lethal- comes a drug dubbed the 'Zombie' drug. Xylazine is an animal tranquilizer that does not react to Narcan. It is already being found in street drugs.  It is called the Zombie drug because of the skin rotting conditions it causes.

Drugs Easily Available - Even Delivered to Your Front Door

Drug busts confiscating thousands of vape pens indicate the ease of accessibility.  SnapChat lets drug dealers add an image to their profile that look like an electric plug.  If your child's social media use is a mystery to you, it is time to re-evaluate.

                  Quit Vaping Tools                                         CDC Quitline: 1-800-QUIT-NOW •

Youth: Text “DITCHJUUL” to 88709 •    Families Helping Youth: Text “QUIT” to 202-899-7550

What Do the Devices Look Like?

Juul pods

Whether they are called e-cigarettes, vape pens or JUUL’s etc. These devices all have the same purpose to heat and vaporize a liquid. JUUL sales increased over 640% in one year.

Vaping devices

Many parents still think they are just a USB. Since JUULs produce very little vapor, youth are using them in school. School policy is to confiscate the $50 devices.

Vaping Toolkit for Parents and Schools

Parents - Vaping Toolkit includes 4 urine test strips to act as a deterrent or monitor a child trying to quit. 1 Test each: Nicotine, THC (Marijuana), Fentanyl, Alcohol

Schools -Email for bulk quantity discount quote. Tip: Ask a sponsor to underwrite cost or use Juul settlement funds.

Purchase Agreement & Testing Info

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Cost: $15 for 1 toolkit / toolkit

  • Toolkit tests for: Nicotine, THC, Fentanyl, Alcohol:

Family Health Policy:  An Early Prevention Tool

Our nonprofit suggests that to meet today's times, families should consider routine drug testing of their child. We call it a Family Health Policy.  Step one is for your child to agree to random home drug-testing at an early age. The reason offered is: "Because this is how we protect the health of our family".  Order our Family Health Policy full spectrum urine test cup that shows results in 5 minutes in the privacy of your home.  Celebrate the negative test results of this annual random test with pizza night.  Start early (11 or 12) and it is like a science experiment. Your child will grow into the teen years with acceptance for this check up.

  Because of Today's Times

We are beyond gentler times when we 'trusted' our kids and bad choices weren't deadly - just lessons learned. Today's drugs are so available, yet so disguised, in fake pills with deadly fentanyl and vapes loaded with drug poisons. It is up to parents to help teens navigate the environment we gave them. Our kids TRUST that parents to do that for them.

Give Your Child A Way Out

Your child can refuse offers from peers easily when they are able to say, "My parents drug test me and I never know when!

Glossary of Drugs -  An update on trends.                                      


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