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Misuse in Adderall among teens is a rising trend, as students are taking Adderall without a prescription. Living the life of a teen or a college student, our surroundings can be tempting. We are in school systems that want our A-game. Exams, homework, presentations, and endless hours of studying is exhausting. We must manage our time well to achieve the academic results that define us as successful. It is important to manage our time without turning to misusing Adderall.

Teen Adderall Use: More Common Than We Think

But what about the whispers in the hallways? Or the text messages that talk about something that can help you focus on school?

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Say it’s your best friend or someone on the basketball team that you know. Chances are you know at least one person in high school or college that uses Adderall.

When Adderall has been taken as prescribed, there should be no harmful effects. Adderall’s purpose is to help someone with attention difficulty, hyperactivity, and impulsiveness. When someone takes Adderall without a prescription, problems arise. Problems also arise when taken in large amounts.

Effects Of Adderall

The effects of Adderall are very dangerous, when not taken as directed. There can be criminal charges for those who share prescription drugs. You could receive a drug dealer charge, if you share a prescription drug.  If you are taking another prescription drug it could interfere with Adderall. Do you have any idea how that affects your body?  Everyone is different, and you have no idea how it will affect you.

Healthy Choices For Teenagers

It is important to concentrate on homework and tests without using unprescribed Adderall. As school and academics are important, it is just as important to stay safe and healthy. There are different apps that can help manage your time such as Structured and Focus To-Do . You can also look into different study tips and tricks. Check out the scenario below:

I have a friend who has a hard time focusing on one task for a long period of time, especially when it comes to schoolwork.  My advice to him was to research different studying techniques that have incentives. I told him if he has to focus on a 30-page reading to use incentives. He could try to put a piece of candy at the end of each section in the book, this way he will have stayed focused and rewarded. There are other ways to stay on track without turning to Adderall.

If you feel like you are struggling with focusing, you may have ADD or ADHD. In this case, please consult your doctor. If prescribed Adderall, please use it as directed to avoid any harmful effects.

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Parent Concerns About Adderall Misuse

As parents, our goal is to protect our children from harm’s way. It can be hard to do when they grow into teenagers and have a mind of their own. It can also be hard to express concern without overstepping your boundaries.  As a parent, we all want good communication with our children. Yet, with safety being a number one concern it can be hard to not invade privacy or frustrate your child.

As parents, we only want to educate our children on the dangers of misuse. If you notice your child acting differently, it may be a sign that they are showing symptoms of Adderall use. Symptoms include increased heart rate, seizures, hallucinations, depression, anxiety, and more. It is important to look for these behaviors in your children.

Prescription vs. No Prescription

If your child is taking Adderall, it is important for their doctor to educate them. It is critical that the doctor informs the child that sharing a prescription is illegal. It is also important for your child to know the unknown effects it can have on someone without a prescription. If an individual is taking another medication, Adderall may interfere.

What You Can Do

Continue to watch your child’s behavior and have serious conversations with them. It is important for them to help stop the spread of misuse amongst teens and college students.

Visit the Reality Tour Drug Prevention Program’s link. You can learn more about the effects of Adderall and other drugs. Want to add more protection to your child’s future and the health of your community? Stay on the site and learn how Reality Tour helps families and communities like yours.

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