Pike County Child Death Review Team and The Reality Tour

Child Death Review Team The Child Death Review Team will once again present the Reality Tour on February 27th and March 27th from 1 to 4 p.m. at the First Presbyterian Church in Milford. The Child Death Review Team reviews all deaths occurring in Pike County from birth to 21 years in order to determine ways to prevent future deaths. The team has found that adolescent deaths directly related to drugs or alcohol has escalated in our county. The Reality Tour Drug Prevention program was created by Norma Norris of Butler, Pa in 2003, and is now promoted through the non-profit organization CANDLE, Inc. This is an evidence-based program and has the support of the Pike County Commissioners, the Pike County District Attorneys, The Delaware Valley School Board and numerous non-profit and business organizations of Pike County. The tour is recommended for children ten and up when accompanied by a parent. Advance reservation is necessary, as space is limited. Parental Consent is also required along with a $5 registration fee.

Participants will follow the fate of a fictitious teen addicted to heroin. The tour includes dramatic scenes that include a peer pressure scene, an arrest and prison experience as well as dramatic emergency room overdose scene and funeral scene. All of these scenes are performed by community volunteers. A narrative by the “addict” precedes each scene including the constant reminder “I’m Just like You.” The overall message of the Reality Tour combats the youthful belief “It can’t happen to me.” Each attendee will be given a drug abuse profile to adopt during the program so that participants can become familiar with different addictive drugs including the “gateway drugs.”

The Reality Tour is a highly emotional experience that touches parent and child to form the foundation for ongoing parent child dialogue. Presently four Reality Tours a year are planned. We are extremely grateful for the support and volunteers we have received from our community. We are still in need of more volunteers especially youth ages 10 to 18 for the peer pressure scenes. If you would like to know more about this program or are able to lend your support in any way, please call Jill Gamboni at (570) 296-3447 or (570) 390-9102.

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