Drug Testing Strips: A Guide for Parents

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Urine testing your kids is a decision that parents should take seriously. Experts agree that testing teens for the wrong reasons can damage trust. However, under the right circumstances, drug tests can be a tool to prevent substance abuse or to help children recovering from addiction. As a parent, it is crucial that you educate yourself on why drug testing is important and how drug testing kits work. Finally, because there are many ways to “trick” the test, you’ve got to learn which cleansing formulas your kids might use to make drug testing ineffective. 

What Are Drug Testing Strips?

Drug testing strips are absorbent pieces of material that are coated with drug-specific antibodies. When a drug is present in the urine, it causes a reaction in the colored particles on the strip. Most at-home urine test strips show results in about 5 – 10 minutes.

Home testing kits can detect nicotine from cigarettes and vaping, or THC from marijuana. Testing for these substances in the blood, hair follicle, and even with a mouth swab can be extremely effective. These methods are not usually available for purchase online or in the pharmacy, so we recommend you use testing strips.  

Why Drug Testing is Important

There are many reasons why parents test their children. Testing teens for illicit substances may deter your child from using, simply by giving them a reason to not to use when pressured. In fact, one teen said, “I wish my parents would drug test me so I’d have an excuse in front of peers.” 

At Candle, Inc., we give families the choice to test their kids, but take the blame out of the equation. All our participants can opt into a Family Health Policy and consent to random drug screenings. Our agency decides the times of these screenings, keeping the relationship between parent and child intact. 

If your child does test positive, you can retest at a doctor’s office or community organization. Both these facilities will have resources and support for families struggling with drug use.  

How to Pass A Drug Test 

If you choose to use drug tests in your home, you must understand that results can easily be tampered with. There are many detox products, natural remedies, and online tips that kids can use to pass a test

Awareness is the best way to identify when your child is using herbs or over-the-counter supplements to hide their drug use. If you’re interested in a list of the most popular test-altering products, please email us for more information. 

The Family Health Policy Builds Trust

The Family Health Policy is a contract that both parent and child sign when starting drug testing. Drug testing gives your son or daughter a valid reason to refuse peer pressure, without any feelings of suspicion. Once enrolled, families will receive a notice, via e-mail or US mail when it is time to test. When teens don’t feel like they’re being accused, then drug testing becomes like any other check of proper behavior.  

The Family Health Policy clearly states your family’s rules & consequences, as well as your commitment to each other’s health, safety, and success. The contract also outlines the appropriate procedures and actions to take, if your son or daughter tests positive.

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The Family Health Policy ensures that drug testing will build trust in your home, not damage trust. It is one of many techniques that parents can use to prevent teen drug use, but it is not a replacement for good parenting. Please continue to be involved in your child’s emotional and social development.

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