Prevention: Red Ribbon Wk OR Anytime = "SmartZone"

SmartZone, a drug abuse resistance activity workbook, simplifies drug abuse prevention planning for middle schools.

Just like smartphone apps save time, SmartZone ‘acts’ encourage healthy choices. The SmartZone Substance Abuse Prevention Workbook for grades 5-9 gets kids up and out of their seats!


How Red Ribbon Week "SmartZone" Works

Seven SmartZone skits introduce a problem requiring students to choose a healthy behavior remedy. Students create a display of icons that match each healthy behavior.


Use the skits for a drug and alcohol school assembly! Supersize it and host an evening assembly for parents, teachers, or police officers to attend.

SmartZone implements healthy choices long term by working into the school day. Elevate the healthy behaviors of drug-free youth by using this phrase, ”I see you are in the SmartZone.” This phrase acknowledges good choices stigmatize mental health.

There is even a ‘homework assignment’ for parents or guardians that promotes discussion around drug use. Another extra credit component lets students walk a parent or guardian through the SmartZone to demonstrate the skills the student is working on.

Once the SmartZone workbook is purchased, the worksheets may be photocopied and distributed. The nonprofit CANDLE, Inc. is here to help!  For a SmartZone PowerPoint training email your contact information and request to

Customized Drug Abuse Resistance Education

SmartZone is easily adapted for online learning for individuals or teams of students. A unique ‘I Promise’ class personalizes the prevention education program for different groups.

Homeschoolers can also use our research-based program to help teens resist peer pressure. Individual parents can switch places with children and allow them to offer a scenario for healthy choices. Role-playing among students promotes discussion of healthy choices.

Purchase SmartZone -  Check back after Sept. 30th for free digital download!

This drug prevention program is perfect for 5th through 9th grade. Each healthy behavior skit poses a problem that students can solve with good choices based on what they learned about healthy behaviors.

SmartZone promotes critical thinking and gives, middle and junior high school students with diverse learning skills, opportunities to participate. This could be your Red Ribbon Week exercise for years to come as the students make the skits different each time!  Remember, there is a need for drug prevention anytime, not just Red Ribbon Week!

  • SmartZone Benefits

    • Perfect for Red Ribbon Week or drug prevention awareness anytime – even all the time.
    • Make SmartZone a permanent part of your school culture. Staff can applaud students with “I see you’re in the SmartZone today.”
    • Encourages parent participation
    • Staff training is provided
    • Suitable for traditional or homeschool settings
    • A good choice for scout troops and youth groups

Bring Drug Abuse Education to families in your Community ...

Be sure to learn more about Reality Tour to become familiar with what can be accomplished on a larger scale in your community. One sixth grader’s take on Reality Tour after attending was, “I am leaving here a different person. Keepin’ it real: I didn’t know drugs were THAT bad!”