Interactive Drug Prevention Program

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Reality Tour Prevention Model

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Community members in a huddle


This section explores the benefits of Reality Tour at the community level.   Finally, there is a prevention model that is never outdated and proven to be sustainable.

School supplies


Explore this section to learn how Reality Tour serves school districts. Learn from educator testimonials and explore researched outcomes.

Mother and daughter


This section will demonstrate the impact of Reality Tour on families. Check out the online learning features to learn about the teen brain with your child & more.

Reality Tour is a program always current with drug trends. Never outdated.

Most comprehensive, continually updated program to meet ever-changing drug trends.

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What Is Reality Tour?

Your community needs an effective and sustainable drug prevention program now. We unite communities to reduce risk factors for youth substance abuse by re-purposing resources you already have.

Parents are the most powerful prevention tool, and they need the support of their communities. The Reality Tour® program brings parents, students, schools, local law enforcement and community volunteers to the table. Together, they create one powerful experience that can influence conversations and choices for years to come.

Sustainable and affordable, Reality Tour allows teens the opportunity to address peer pressure and mental health concerns unique to their community. Evidence-based program update help us incorporate current prevention and health care research.

When Reality Tour’s founder Norma Norris asked her son how he managed to not get caught up in drugs, he said, “I could always see beyond the next 10 minutes.” This is the answer that inspired Reality Tour.

Who We Are


Drug prevention takes a whole community


Be mindful of others. Listen more than you speak.


Stay on top of drug trends and adapt to today’s environment


Rely on scientific data about health problems.


Inspire yourself and others to see what’s possible


Resonate with at-risk and general populations

Our Founder’s Story

In 2003, Reality Tour started out as a solution for my community to address the influx of heroin on our streets. Now, the idea is an evidence-based prevention program impacting over 55,000 parents and children.

Learn more about how one simple sentence inspired Norma Norris, a concerned parent and civic leader, to develop the Reality Tour program.

Norma Norris of Reality Tour

Norma Norris, Founder

Prevention Tool Kit

Know you are doing all you can to build trust and enforce supportive family rules with your child.