Community-Based Drug Prevention

1. Vaping Toolkit


Mailing option:

  1. Send a large stamped self-addressed envelope to CANDLE, Inc./Test Strips (100 Brugh Ave., Butler PA 16001) Please consider a tax deductible contribution of any amount for the Marijuana and Nicotine Test Strips Payable to CANDLE, Inc.
  2. We’ll mail you back test strips in your self-addressed envelope.

Online order option:

Use your credit card or Paypal to order online for a $15. fee.

Online Order

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2. Family Health Policy


The Family Health Policy, a project of the non-profit CANDLE, Inc, is a way to make substance abuse prevention a priority for your family by using routine annual drug testing as a recurring reminder. As governed by the Family Health Policy, drug testing is not done out of suspicion or distrust, but rather it accepted like an annual doctor visit or dental checkup. Enroll when your child is a pre-teen, so by the time your son or daughter is old enough to ask for the car keys, drug testing will be an accepted routine. Along the way, you will have afforded your child an ironclad excuse when pressured by peers. We also now offer drug test strips for Marijuana and Nicotine. Refer to section Trending Drug Test Strips for Marijuana & Nicotine below for enrollment details. THC test strip tests for THC cannabinoids, the hallucinogenic agent in Marijuana. It can detect 1 to 5 days after use.

Family Health Policy Random Notice 12 Panel Drug Test Kit

How it works:

  1. Sign up for a specified length of time 1 year to 5 years. Mail the enrollment form for the 12 Panel Drug test with random notification or sign up online using the form below.
  2. Have a discussion with your son or daughter. This discussion should go over the family drug free policy and drug free contract, these will be sent to you. You will also receive a 12 panel drug testing kit. Put the test kit in a visible place as a reminder.
  3. Consult the materials provided and discuss with your spouse the actions you will take should you get a positive test back.
  4. Wait to receive your “Time to Test” notification, when it comes promptly complete the instructions provided with your test kit.  Make this a positive experience by rewarding your son or daughter for cooperation and good results just as you would for good grades.

What the Family Health Policy does:

  1. It gives your son or daughter a valid reason to refuse peer pressure associated with drug abuse. “No, I can’t use drugs, my parents drug test me.”
  2. Routine drug testing starting at an early age, eliminates any feelings of suspicion or accusation.  You will receive a notice, via e-mail or US mail per the selection noted on your enrollment form, when it is time to test.  Drug testing should be treated as any other verification of proper behavior.  Checking for drug use is just like checking their report card.
  3. It provides you with a written family drug free policy as well as a drug free contract – these documents will clearly state your family’s rules & consequences as well as your commitment to each others health, safety, and success.
  4. The Family Health Policy also outlines the appropriate procedures and actions to take, if your son or daughter tests positive.
  5. The Family Health Policy program will notify you at random when it is time to conduct a drug test (minimum of 1 notification per year, but you may receive 2 or even 3 notifications in a single year)

What the Family Health Policy does not do:

  1. The Family Health Policy is not a replacement for good parenting.  It is imperative that you monitor your child’s activities and be involved in their emotional and social development.

The Family Health Policy is available at a group discount for 50+ subscriptions. Please contact us for more information on group pricing.

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