A Drug Education Program For Families in Your District

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Not Your Average Drug Education Program

From dealing with teacher shortages and ever-changing achievement standards to preventing school violence, implementing an effective drug education program can be a challenge. Schools are balancing the expectations of busy parents with what staff can realistically do.

Drug prevention programs are important and necessary, but teachers need to focus on student achievement and planning time. Who has the bandwidth to facilitate? How can you get buy-in from parents and students?

The Reality Tour program model does the heavy lifting for schools. We educate young people every year and help parents understand the full spectrum of drug abuse. Community organizations purchase the program and implement it using our proven method that unites all 12 Sectors of the Community. We even guide the introduction of the Reality Tour concept at no charge to determine if it is a good fit. Schools partner to dedicate one or more grade levels to the Reality Tour experience and advocate attendance to parents.

Drug Trend Alert

Schools concerned about developing drug trends and the possibility of an overdose/poisoning on campus can view our training to learn how to meet today's challenges and keep students safe. This training will open new opportunities in prevention at a very critical time.

What Is the Reality Tour Drug Education Experience?

4 Hand Promise

Reality Tour is a community based drug prevention system designed to educate parent and child about substance abuse. It’s appropriate for middle and high school students ages 10-17 and their parents/guardians.

What Will Students and Parents Experience?

  • Engaging dramatic scenes that show the consequences of one youth’s choices
  • Families are provided coping skills to avoid drug experimentation. These tips are easy to incorporate into their daily life
  • Q&A and real talk from law enforcement and individuals in recovery

Why Should Schools Partner with Reality Tour?

Proven Sustainability

Real-life drug education since 2003. Reality Tour is accessible to all families in your district and easily repeatable. Schedule the event monthly/quarterly/annually.

Integrated with Curriculum

Offer students extra credit for attendance, encouraging more participation.


Conversation Starter

Be the catalyst that brings Reality Tour to the attention of a community organization. Reality Tour works in urban, suburban and rural school districts.

Inclusive Education

Provide inclusive drug prevention education to parents, students and school staff. Reality Tour energizes parents around drug prevention.

Easy to Host

Students and staff will want to participate! Invite students and staff to volunteer. They’ll gain invaluable experience serving their community.

Big Impact

Save time and make a big impact. Reality Tour is an experience students and parents never forget, and it only requires one evening or Saturday afternoon.

Bring Reality Tour to Your School District

Schools can encourage community organizations, such as your health department, Chamber of Commerce, youth groups, faith-based groups or services clubs (e.g. Lions, Soroptimist, Kiwanis or Rotary Club), to purchase and present Reality Tour for your community.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Download our Reality Tour Planner to review how to work with stakeholders to present the concept for consideration and partnership. This tool even helps you determine your stakeholders in a manner of minutes! The Planner download is available by filling out the form below.
  • For schools that want to help parents take the conversation home, download our Parent/Child Prevention Checklist.

Review the Reality Tour Planner then...

  • Contact us to answer questions and help determine readiness.
  • Collaborate with us to identify community partners using the Planner.
  • Work with your community organization(s) to find volunteers.
  • Contact us to connect with schools that have been partners for years.

Mr. Adam Kostewicz

Mars Centennial Middle School Principal

All adolescents and teens, along with their parents, need to experience this program! It not only opens your eyes to the struggles life could present, it offers ways to communicate so these struggles hopefully do not occur.


Reality Tour Drug Education Program Outcomes

Survey: Parents 90 days after attending Reality Tour

  • Felt it was important to attend the program with their child

  • Now store Rx meds securely in the home

  • Were still using the information in talks with their child

  • Shared what they learned with other parents

  • Felt it was one of the most important programs they had ever attended

  • Utilized the suggested family home prevention activities


Survey: Youth 90 days after attending Reality Tour

  • Had shared something they learned with their peers

  • Felt use of illegal drugs was wrong for someone their age

  • Said talks with parents about drugs/alcohol were easier and more frequent

  • Said they will never forget their Reality Tour experience

  • Participated in the recommended family home prevention activities

  • Worked on the goals they set at Reality Tour



Reality Tour is a community-based drug prevention system designed as a single event to engage parents, but it’s also a vehicle that networks community resources to enhance prevention on multi-levels. Held in the evening or weekend so parents WILL attend, the system puts parent and child on the same page. Reality Tour® is not scare tactics, per our University of Pittsburgh researcher’s documentation. A needs assessment survey of parents in 2002 revealed their desire for prevention programs to include the possible, ultimate consequences of experimentation.

Reality Tour is delivered in 3 parts:
1. The Consequences

  • Narrated scenes of life
  • Emotional learning for lasting recall
  • Appropriate for youth ages 10-17 with a parent

2. The Coping Skills

  • Recognize 1st signs of use
  • Personal goals for drug prevention developed
  • Refusal skills engagement
  • Home prevention launch materials
  • Enduring impact on teen brain

3. The Interviews

  • Law officer relates local trends
  • Youth in recovery de-glamourizes use

School partnerships create a renewable audience. Schools can decide which grade levels they most want to attend the program. For example, a large school chose 6th grade as their grade of emphasis. Homerooms were ‘assigned’ to each of the upcoming dates for Reality Tour. During the year, teachers reminded their students that ‘their date’ was coming up and urged them to have their parents register. Older siblings were also welcomed at the program as was the general public.

The cost for the license the program model is an affordable $3,500 with an annual renewal fee of $500. CANDLE, Inc. can help you partner with other community organizations to help raise money for the license.

The cost to purchase the Reality Tour Program Model and license is an affordable $3,500 with an annual renewal fee of $500.

Reality Tour is replicated in several states. Venues vary per Tour, some are held at churches, township buildings, courthouses, municipal centers and schools. Review our location page to see where the various sites are and learn if you will be the first in your area to offer Reality Tour.

Reality Tour runs approximately 2 hours. It is most often held in the evenings or on a weekend so parents can attend.

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Prevention Tool Kit

Know you are doing all you can to build trust and enforce supportive family rules with your child.


A drug abuse resistance activity workbook, simplifies drug abuse prevention planning.

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