Reality Tour to expose effect of drug abuse

Register-Herald – March 9, 2012

OAK HILL — A “Reality Tour” depicting realistic scenes about the consequences of drug use is set for Tuesday in Oak Hill. Pre-registration is required.

Part live performance, part info session, the Reality Tour is “an intimate journey with a teen on drugs,” exposing its audience to the grief and turmoil experienced by the family of a drug user. Dramatic scenes depict peer pressure, arrest, imprisonment, trauma and even death.

“The dramatic scenes are as close as one can come to experiencing this lifestyle without making the same choices,” say event organizers.

“The overall message of the Reality Tour combats the youthful belief that ‘It can’t happen to me.’”

Question and answer sessions with law enforcement and a recovered addict attempt to bring the “tour” even closer to home.

Event organizers say the Reality Tour is appropriate for children ages 10 and up when accompanied by a parent, guardian or caring adult.

The program puts information in the hands of both parents and their children, which organizers say encourages communication, conversation and goal setting.

“Most substance abuse prevention education programs target just the youth or just the parents. It is unique to have one program that provides the same information together,” organizers wrote.

A group of kids from area schools will be coming to the event, says coordinator Nikki Slaughter.

“We’re growing, which is encouraging,” she says.

The Reality Tour is Tuesday from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the Lewis Center in Oak Hill. A suggested $5 donation is requested at the door, but no one will be refused entry. Pre-register for the event by calling Nikki Slaughter (304-719-3443) or Bobbie Gravely (304-575-0543).

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