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The Reality Tour began in Butler County, PA in 2003. The consequence-driven program was extremely successful and prompted the founding of CANDLE, Inc., the 501c3 non-profit that oversees the program. In 2004 demand grew for the replication of Butler’s grassroots effort and the Program Model was developed. This success has warranted an evaluation of the theory and outcomes of the presentation. CANDLE, Inc. has undergone various evaluations. Prior to the September 2018 restructuring of the National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP) Reality Tour was listed on NREPP List as a Legacy Program Developer Norma Norris was part of a panel invited by NREPP to explore the dissemination of evidence-based programs. Additional research was developed under the guidance of the NECAPT Service to Science award and a pilot study was conducted.

Reality Tour features an innovative design that empowers organizations and communities to institute a program that can impact future demand and remain as a recurring and permanent prevention vehicle. Review our Great Nonprofits national reviews to access impact from participants and volunteers.

Explore how the program aligns with prevention science and research-based guidance governing the structure of prevention programs:

  1. National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) 16 Principles for Prevention – Reality Tour 16 Principles Alignment
  2. The federal government’s Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) advocates engaging diverse stakeholders. Explore engaging Reality Tour’s 12 Sectors of the Community Alignment.
  3. Juvenile & Family Court Journal Reality Tour: Adult Attendees’ Perceptions about a Community Based Drug Prevention Program by Judith E. Sturges and James Tyler Garlick

Research Summaries

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It was one of the reasons I feel like I stayed clean through high school. – Abby - Teen Volunteer
Affordable for any community at $3,500 for the Program Model purchase. Rotary Lion’s, Jaycees are successfully using Reality Tour as a club project. Reality Tour is proven to be self-sustaining, networking the 12 sectors of the community. Program Model materials & video training are provided by CANDLE, Inc. and includes free updates for emerging drug trends and ‘Best Practices’ online trainings and recognition. Contact us for startup materials and a free consultation with developer, Norma Norris.

How to get Started

Determine Readiness…

Start Reality Tour in just 90 days…

  1. Watch Informational Videos on Program
  2. Schedule stakeholders meeting
  3. Contact us to obtain stakeholder meeting docs (FREE)
  4. Review & sign contract for purchase of Program Model (one-time fee of $3,500)
  5. Two Reality Tour Directors are needed
  6. Train with videos in 3-5 sessions 90 minutes each

I am adamant that Reality Tour is key to helping families prevent experimentation. – Blairsville, PA Reality Tour DirectorNorma Norris, Reality Tour developer will assist and consult to set you up for success! See where Reality Tours are replicated. Attract sponsorship dollars and income from registration fees and donations. Reality Tour is a great opportunity to recruit members to support a prevention network or coalition and partner with other drug prevention initiatives and local school districts.

Surveys 90 Days after attending Reality Tour:


  • Families that increased drug & alcohol discussions


  • People who referenced info from Reality Tour in discussions


  • Youth who stated it was easier to talk with parents


  • Youth who said they would never forget Reality Tour