PA Prevention Movement

Review of DDAP’s Scare Tactics & 15 Families at a time approach to heroin epidemic.

Actions to take on behalf of Reality Tour:
  • Pause to be grateful for your involvement in Reality Tour to date and for those who have joined you and for those you have served.

  • Consider who you can contact anywhere to start one more Reality Tour in another community or state. CANDLE will take care of sending the material.

  • Contact your State Representative and State Senator with the following 3 questions:

    1. Do you agree with the PA Department of Drug and Alcohol that the way to reach over 1 million parents and youth in PA in the face of a drug epidemic is to: Reach an average of 15 families per year in 11 PA locations as a ‘statewide prevention outreach’?
    2. Would you want to know more about how Reality Tour, a research-based grassroots program, that networks Rotary, Lions, Jaycees and concerned citizens to present a parent/child 3-hr prevention experience to 1400 persons in just 90 days? Did you know this program has reached 33,000 persons in PA and takes nothing from the state budget? (If we could get the word out to all PA service clubs we could blanket the state with prevention at NO COST in 6 months!)
    3. Will you investigate how our tax dollars are being used in the field of drug prevention in the face of an epidemic?
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