Innovation In Prevention

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Innovation in prevention is getting to be the hot topic as communities struggle to push back against an epidemic that demands that we do things differently.

Someone said to me not long ago, “Reality Tour was ahead of its time.” I am thinking, “No way. We were right on target 12 years ago, moving in step to meet the trends.”

Nothing in the realm of prevention 12 years ago seemed up to the task when the stakes were so high.  Nothing was ready to impart a true sense of the serious risks posed by drugs and alcohol for our youth.

So necessity (either the mother or father of invention) demanded something different and more powerful – thus Reality Tour emerged from and idea to a program.

In more and more public meetings, there is a demand to do something besides talk. Reality Tour fills the need for citizens to be empowered to do something proven and sensible. It is a way to meet the trends now and in the future. It is a way to do something NOW.

In the market place, research and development are taking a backseat, as companies strive to match trends with products and innovation according to Forbes.  Prevention needs the same energetic approach.

So at your next Town Hall meeting be prepared to meet the trend… come with a volunteer sign up sheet to engage volunteers to help with your Reality Tour or enlist attract volunteers to start a Reality Tour.

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