Community-Based Drug Prevention


Substance Abuse Prevention Activities for Gr 5-9

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Great for Red Ribbon Week.  Makes planning meaningful prevention easy.  Students use healthy behaviors to finish skits posing a problem that good choices can solve.  SmartZone promotes critical thinking with creative input and opportunities for students with diverse learning skills to participate. This could be your Red Ribbon Week exercise for years to come as the students make the skits different each time.  BEST OF ALL – Use the skits for a school assembly!  Supersize it and host an evening assembly for parents to attend.

SmartZone includes a training and option to imprint the healthy choice aspect into the school day.  Elevate the healthy behaviors of drug-free youth using this option. The phrase, ” I see you are in the SmartZone” acknowledges and rewards good choices.

There is even a brief but very important ‘homework assignment’ for parents or guardians that promotes discussion of the importance of being drug-free.  Another extra credit component lets students walk a parent or guardian through the SmartZone to demonstrate the skills the student is working on.

Also, included is a unique ‘I Promise’ class or school event to personalize the drug-free message.

SmartZone is easily adapted for online learning for individuals or teams of students.

Homeschoolers and youth group leaders will appreciate the opportunity for creativity to fully engage youth in healthy choice strategies.

SmartZone has application for the parent who is interested in a ‘safe space’ style of prevention education that promotes discussion of possible choices for a given situation.  You can switch places with your child and allow her to offer a scenario for your application of healthy choices.

Once purchased, the worksheets may be photocopied and distributed. The nonprofit CANDLE, Inc. is here to help!

Be sure to visit our Reality Tour Parent/Child Drug Prevention webpage to become familiar with what can be accomplished on a larger scale in your community.  One 12 yr. old’s take on Reality Tour after attending was this quote, “I am leaving here a different person.  I didn’t know drug  were THAT bad.”