Community-Based Drug Prevention

History of Research on Reality Tour



Families Reached

In 2003, Reality Tour Developer Norma Norris wanted to do something about kids becoming addicted to drugs and dying from heroin overdoses in her community of Butler, PA. “I felt parent and child needed to be on the same page with the same information. That information had to be delivered in an engaging manner; it had to be true, emotionally charged and consequence driven.” The Reality Tour was only to be a monthly presentation for 3 months in the summer of 2003, but so many parents wanted to attend that they extended through the end of 2003 and have been holding the Butler Reality Tour ever since. By 2004, the Program Model was created so other communities could start Reality Tour and over 40,000 PA residents have attended to date.

Goal Setting

The Reality Tour is more than a drug prevention program; it is a parent-child relationship-builder, as evidenced by the program’s goal-setting segment.

Common Goals Set by Adults

  • Praise my child more often.
  • Have more conversations with my child.
  • Ask my child the ‘who’, ‘what’, and ‘where’ more often, when they are going somewhere.
  • Meet my child friend’s parents more.
  • Spend more meal time together.

Common Goals Set by Children

  • To start volunteering / volunteer more.
  • Ask a parent or adult for help with a problem or worrying.
  • To find new friends – those do not use drugs.
  • To help around the house without being asked. Spend more time with the family.

What goals do you have?