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The Vaping Epidemic

Information and Toolkit for Parents

It’s no secret that the use of e-cigarettes is a problem in schools. They were introduced into the market as a way to wean off cigarettes by ever reducing the nicotine content in the inhaled liquid. The implied health benefit was that e-cigarettes were a healthier alternative. What was lost is that the healthiest alternative is not using either cigarettes or e-cigarettes?

As e-cigarettes morphed into more sophisticated devices their appeal to youth was magnetic. Non-smoking youth are attracted to the sleek design and cartridge flavors. They don’t realize that a Gummi Bear cartridge can deliver as much nicotine as a pack of cigarettes.

Use of e-cigarettes and vaping devices has reached alarming numbers among our youth. In 2018, the U.S. Surgeon General declared that e-cigarettes had reached epidemic proportions among youth, sparked by a 78% increase of use among high school students over a one year time period.

Couple this with the fact that the vaping devices can also deliver marijuana without the tell-tale odor. Of high school students using these devices, 1/3 reported on they had vaped marijuana.

What do the devices look like?

Whether they are called e-cigarettes, vape pens or JUUL’s etc. These devices all have the same purpose to heat and vaporize a liquid. JUUL sales increased over 640% in one year. Many parents still think they are just a USB. Since JUULs produce very little vapor, youth are using them in school. School policy is to confiscate the $50 devices.

Addiction to JUUL FDA JUUL Struggle

The FDA is now struggling to find effective measures to overcome JUUL addiction. Nicotine addiction is proven to be difficult to overcome due to cigarette smoking. How to combat this nicotine addiction when it is delivered by a vaping device touted as a ‘healthy’ will be challenging.

Vaping and Health Risks

It will be awhile before all the studies are in on the health impact. The serious respiratory diseases termed wet lung and popcorn lung are documented and in one case emerged at just 3 weeks after starting use. Studies also show long-term harm to brain development according to the Surgeon General.

More than nicotine, more than marijuana now in vape pens…

The liquid mix in vape pens and devices is open to any and all substances of abuse. Street vape pens already loaded with unknown, unregulated substances are a concern. Drug busts confiscating thousands of vape pens are occurring.

Parent’s Vaping Toolkit

We are here to help parents. We provide innovative prevention tools for families and communities. CANDLE, Inc. is piloting a project to offer a Vaping Toolkit to parents. It consists of a test strip for nicotine and one for marijuana.

Toolkit consists of two test strips* with instructions. Test strips detect marijuana and nicotine. Parents can send a stamped, self-addressed envelope, along with a tax deductible donation of any amount to:

CANDLE, Inc./Tool Kit
100 Brugh Ave.
Butler PA 16001

Make checks payable to CANDLE, Inc.


Faster Option:

Use the Donate button to donate $15 or more.

Email with name and address to verify. No waiting. Test strips will be mailed upon receipt.

Instructions For Test Strip Use

Click to view instructions for Marijuana and Nicotine test strip use.

*Test strips require a urine sample. Collection cup not included. Directions for use and advisement on appropriate vessel (plastic cup) for collection are included.

A Parent can talk with their adolescent and teen about vaping to persuade them not to experiment and keep the test strips in a visible location as a reminder. For youth who are already vaping, the test strips will help monitor cessation success. Schools may also contact CANDLE, Inc. to purchase the test strips in quantities.

Parents trying to stay on top of substance abuse issues have a hard time as trends become more sophisticated and marketing is designed to attract youth. Keeping children and teens off of all drugs is increasingly difficult. You may consider sharing this NBC News Video that tells the story of a youth addicted to vaping.

CANDLE, Inc. is helping parents stay on top of trends, giving them the information they need to effectively communicate with their children via our Reality Tour Drug Prevention Program. This program can be started in any community and sustained for many years. It flexes to meet emerging drug trends so it is always contemporary. Does your community have a regularly scheduled prevention program for families to access?

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