Reality Tour could become your reality

Letter to the Editor: Indiana Gazette – November 20, 2013

For several months now, the Indiana County Reality Tour has been publicized in The Indiana Gazette. I attended this tour several months ago and would like to commend the organization and all who have made this program possible.


This drug prevention program depicts how drugs — especially heroin — affects the lives of the addicted person and the family. It is realistic and an eye-opener for all who attend. It is focused for our children 10 years and older, but it is informative for any age. The attendance, I thought, would be full with a waiting list, but this is not the case: There is room for you and your loved ones.


Many times, we are blind to what is happening in our small towns where we live until it affects our lives. If you don’t think drugs are a problem in our schools, towns and families or that they are never going to affect your life, it is happening, or it will happen at some time to someone you love.


You need to become aware of what a real problem Indiana County has — read your paper, watch the happenings in our towns. This is why I would recommend everyone attend this program. If you are a parent, take your children, If you are church youth leader or Scout leader, take your youth. Anyone who works with our youth, take them. Take advantage of this opportunity; it could save one of those children’s lives.


We need to be proactive in this war that is growing daily in our small communities and peoples’ lives. Drugs are destroying families daily. I encourage you to take one evening to attend this tour. It could change your life or the life of a loved one. It will make an impact on your life and hopefully the lives of the children who attend.


Thank you, Indiana-Armstrong–Clarion County Drug and Alcohol Commission, for your work on this project, along with District Attorney Pat Dougherty, the county sheriff’s office, county jail and other local officials for making this reality tour possible to our county.


I would also like to commend the DA and other county officials for the drug court program they have developed to help give those with addictions the opportunity to change and turn their lives. Thank you for trying to make an impact and change in lives.


Debbie Friday


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