Community-Based Drug Prevention

  • Drug Prevention Program developed by nonprofit CANDLE, Inc.


    To receive a Reality Tour® License Renewal please have your Reality Tour Director/s read and sign the 3 pages of the Copyright Compliance Checklist. Initial and sign where indicated and return with payment.

    Please remit on time with renewal payment to avoid lapse in license and/or late fee or reinstatement fee. An original signed compliance form is due along with payment and is required for renewal.

    Compliance Checklist

    The following compliances are required for use of the Reality Tour© name and/or concept as per your contract and presented below for annual review:

    • Peer Pressure, Arrest, Prison, Emergency Room, and Funeral scenes must be performed live.
    • The Addict Narratives provided on CD must be used as directed prior to the Prison, Emergency Room and Funeral Scenes. Only recordings provided in the program model may be used.*
    • Assigned drug profiles (drug addiction stories) for Reality Tour® attendees must be used as directed and as provided in the program model.*
    • Valid Reality Tour® License of Operation must be displayed at registration
    • Live “Law Enforcement” Q & A session included.*
    • Live “Addict in Recovery” or “Parents of Addict” Q & A session included.*
    • The following must be included in any Reality Tour ® print, web or electronic media or live interviews:
      “The Reality Tour® Drug Prevention Program is a national project of the nonprofit CANDLE Inc. “
    • Admission of a CANDLE Inc. representative granted without notice to observe a Reality Tour®
    • Notice to CANDLE Inc., via registered mail 45 days in advance for any proposed change in the presentation location address or named presenting organization for your licensed (1) Reality Tour®. Written approval from CANDLE must be received prior to implementing the site change or organization change. You cannot assign your license to another organization.
    • Suggestions for any change in the presentation style may be made to CANDLE, Inc. No additions or modifications that vary from the Program Model may be implemented without written approval from CANDLE. This is to insure fidelity for our researched program. Non-compliance may result in immediate revocation of your license. Fees may be charged to reinstate.
    • Youth must be accompanied by a parent or adult. No youth only Tours are permitted. To serve youth that do not have parents available, call CANDLE for permission and advisement for this rare occasion. (Ph 724-679-1788)
    • Reality Tour® Program materials may be copied only for use at the licensed tour location listed on the Reality Tour ® license by the named organization. Materials may not be shared under any other circumstances –via electronic or photocopy or any other sharing device. All materials are copyright and trademark protected.
    • Current presenting organization & location of presentation, must be on kept updated and on record at CANDLE Inc.
    • Suggested donation for Reality Tour® attendees shall not be more than $5.00 per person.
    • Enlarging the scope of The Reality Tour® license for additional sites and/or presenting organizations or geographic regions, requires additional Reality Tour® licenses per site from CANDLE, Inc. You may not expand the program on your own!
    • All components of the program must be presented to parent/child at the same time
    • All Reality Tour® promotional items must be ordered through CANDLE, Inc. The Reality Tour® name is protected by the Reality Tour® trademark. No use of the trademark or derivative of same, on clothing, banners, brochures, etc. is permitted. i.e. No similar materials may be produced or used. CANDLE is the only supplier of Reality Tour® trademark merchandise and print materials.
    • No prison inmates may address the Reality Tour® audience. There can be no sight or sound of a prisoner in any setting. No Tours licensed after 9/01/13 may use a real prison or jail facility to present Reality Tour.
    • At no time, now or in the future, may Reality Tour or any of its components be used to derive another program. CANDLE will vigorously defend all copyright and trademark infringements. This extends to any such time as you may vacate your license. Copyright protection is not dependent on licensure and extends beyond an expired contract. It is agreed that any infringement would cause irreparable harm to the nonprofit CANDLE, Inc.
    • Sharing of downloads, disks, print materials etc. outside of the licensee’s scope necessary for replication of Reality Tour is not permitted and may result in forfeiture of your license and legal action. All materials are for the sole purpose of replicating Reality Tour at the declared location under the guidance of the organization named on the Reality Tour contract.
    • All Reality Tours® are bound by the original signed contract and. The contract should be reviewed annually.
    • Your licensed Reality Tour must be compliant with all state regulations governing requirements for adults supervising youth that may or may not include background checks.

    *NOTE: Unavoidable omissions in the elements noted with an asterisk are to be included on your Event Report to CANDLE with your remedy for compliance. (Example: Volunteers for Peer Pressure scene did not show up. I am meeting with their advisor next week.) CANDLE, Inc. offers the training necessary via the program model to guide your program with fidelity.

  • The above Copyright Fidelity Compliance Checklist has been reviewed and accepted by the Reality Tour Director/s with the understanding that failure to comply could result in revocation of Reality Tour license:

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  • CANDLE, Inc.,
    100 Brugh Ave., Butler, PA 16001

    For questions contact:
    Phone: 724-679-1788