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It’s no secret that vaping is a problem in schools and communities. E-cigarettes were introduced into the market as a way to wean off cigarettes, and the implied benefit was that e-cigarettes would promote healthy tobacco use. But the healthiest alternative is not smoking cigarettes or vaping at all.

“In 2018, the U.S. Surgeon General declared that e-cigarettes had reached epidemic proportions among youth, sparked by a 78% increase of use among high school students over a one year time period.”

Vaping and Health Risks

Studies are currently being done on the mental health impact for young adults, but here is what we know about the effects on the body. Vaping results in serious respiratory diseases termed wet lung and popcorn lung, which is caused by a chemical found in e-juice.

One case emerged just 3 weeks after starting vaping. The liquid mix in vape pens and devices is open to any and all substances of abuse. Street vape pens already loaded with unknown, unregulated substances are a concern. Drug busts confiscating thousands of vape pens are occurring in middle and high schools. Studies show vaping nicotine is linked to an increased risk of chronic lung disease. 

What Do the Devices Look Like?

Juul pods

Whether they are called e-cigarettes, vape pens or JUUL’s etc. These devices all have the same purpose to heat and vaporize a liquid. JUUL sales increased over 640% in one year.

Vaping devices

Many parents still think they are just a USB. Since JUULs produce very little vapor, youth are using them in school. School policy is to confiscate the $50 devices.

What Can Parents Do?

Learn about our Vaping Toolkit and Family Health Policy

Vaping Toolkit for Parents and Schools

Talking to your child or teen about the health consequences of vaping can discourage them from trying it. For young people who are already vaping, our Vaping Toolkit is a program for youth that will help monitor abuse prevention.

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Order Your Vaping Tookit

Donation of $15 / toolkit

  • 1 marijuana test strip
  • 1 nicotine test strip
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Family Health Policy: A Prevention Program for Parents

Talking to your child about drugs can be difficult and uncomfortable. Children and teens may shut down out of fear or feel like you don’t trust them.

Our Family Health Policy is an alcohol and drug program designed to build trust with your child. This evidence-based program promotes good social skills and the health of your family. In the process, it inspires kids to live a drug free life.

Examination image

Family Health Policy

Give your child the best excuse not to use. Learn more about our Family Health Policy and test kit. 

Glossary of Drugs

Stay up-to-date on the latest drug trends and how to help your child avoid each substance

Additional Information for Parents

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