LIGHTHOUSE To Present Their Second Reality Tour On Sunday, March 2nd In Atascadero

LIGHTHOUSE will present their second Reality Tour® Sunday, March 2, at 1:00pmand 4:00pm at the Atascadero Colony Park Community Center. The Reality Tour® Drug Prevention program was created by Norma Norris of Butler, PA in 2003, and is now promoted through the nonprofit organization CANDLE, Inc. LIGHTHOUSE has purchased the Reality Tour® Program for use in San Luis Obispo County. The tour is recommended for children age 10 and up when accompanied by a parent. Advance reservation is necessary, as space is limited. Parental consent is also required. Participants will follow the fate of a fictitious teen addicted to drugs. The Tour includes an Arrest and Prison Experience as well as dramatic Emergency Room Overdose Scene and Funeral scene. A narrative by the “addict’ precedes each scene and includes the constant reminder to the audience that, “I’m just like you.” Each attendee will be given a drug abuse profile to adopt during the program, so that participants can become familiar with different addictive drugs as well as gateway drugs. At times attendees share their “story” of addiction in small group settings. Participants will have an opportunity to talk with an addict in recovery at the end of the program. Attendees can commit to a drug-free life by tracing their handprint on the Tour® Banner.

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