Community-Based Drug Prevention

Hold Harmless Clause

In the era of COVID-19 as well as subsequent and evolving public health concerns, it is imperative to not knowingly expose others to risk, through you or a member of your group’s attendance at Reality Tour. due to a known exposure to COVID-19 or other public health contagion or hazard. Those who attend Reality Tour as participants, onlookers, hosts or volunteers accept the risk of being in a public gathering and agree to hold the Reality Tour licensee, participating organizations and the nonprofit CANDLE, Inc. harmless. You are bound by conscience and good faith to inform of any change in your risk exposure between the agreement date of this notice and the date of actual attendance at Reality Tour whether you are participating as a volunteer, attendee or in any capacity that places you on site. You are directed to notify the hosting organization of these any changes in your exposure risk, as no member of your registered party may attend if any member poses a public health risk. In addition, you are further bound by any local requirements or restrictions put in place for public health. Any payment for registration will be refunded upon notice that your current level of risk, presented by you or a member of your registered family or group, would violate this good faith agreement to provide safety to all attending Reality Tour or any of its derived programs. Reality Tour presenting organizations hold the right to deny entrance to any person or persons not in compliance with local health cautions or in any way presenting as having a visible disorder that is suspect of a present or suspected emerging risk to others or and persons who are deemed at risk during a screening process. In addition, governed and suggested public health measures such as, but not limited to wearing a mask and social distancing may be imposed at any time by the Reality Tour presenting organization. Attendees of any capacity, must agree to be compliant as to seating or standing directives or other traffic or safety directive for you and or your party when attending or volunteering for Reality Tour. Noncompliance will result in denial of admittance or expulsion from the program and facility without refund or re-admittance. If for any reason you are not able to wear a mask, know that you will not be admitted to the program during times when a mask is required. CANDLE offers online tools to supplement Reality Tour or serve as the main education component for persons who are unable to meet the compliance requirements for attending Reality Tour in person.