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Reality Tour® is a community-based drug prevention system designed as a single event to engage parents. Often held in the evening or weekend so parents WILL attend. Our system puts parent and child on the same page:

  • Establishes regularly scheduled prevention (monthly/quarterly)
  • Networks all 12 sectors of the community and school partnerships
  • Uses existing resources & volunteers
  • Works in urban, suburban & rural settings
  • Supports other prevention activities
  • Energizes community around prevention
  • Proven sustainability for 12 years
  • Affordable, launch with or without grants
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Innovation and science blended to:

  • Be memorable
  • Reach significant numbers of parents & children
  • Educate parent & child together

Our Method:

The Consequences

  • Narrated scenes of life & death choices
  • Youth participant’s own photo morphed
  • Appropriate for youth ages 10-17 with a parent

The Coping Skills

  • Recognize 1st signs of use
  • 10 personal goals for drug prevention
  • Refusal skills engagement
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The Interviews

  • Law officer relates local trends
  • Youth in recovery de-glamourizes use
  • Parent of youth affected (optional)

Reality Tour® is UNLIKE scare tactics. Our dramatic scenes are PG and balanced with family coping skills to avoid experimentation. Reality Tour was evaluated by the University of Pittsburgh in 2007-08 and a recipient of NECAP Service to Science Award.

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