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How much does it cost to attend Reality Tour?

Maximum suggested donation is $5 per person, which is waived for families on the free or reduced lunch program. 

Group Reservation Policy.

Download the Group Reservation Policy here.

Mandated student attendance policy.

View mandated student attendance policy here. 

How do I bring Reality Tour to my community?

Get Reality Tour started in a little at 90 days! Learn how you can bring Reality Tour to your community in 6 six simple steps by going to the How to Get Started page.

How much does the Reality Tour license cost?

There is a 1 time fee of $3,500 plus shipping of materials to acquire the Reality Tour license. There is a $500 annual license renewal fee. Program Model is now offered in a secure digital download. 

How long does the Reality Tour license last?

Your Reality Tour license is valid for 1 year. There is an annual license renewal fee of $500.

Can I move the Reality Tour around to multiple locations?

The Reality Tour license is for one location only. If you require an additional location for your community, another license must be purchased at the one-time $3,500 fee. Some exclusions may apply, Contact Us for details.

How do I schedule a teleconference with the Reality Tour Developer?

If you have additional questions about the Reality Tour Program Model, Developer Norma Norris Is available for a private teleconference by request. Fill out the request form here.