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The Reality Tour began in Butler County, PA in 2003. The consequence-driven program was extremely successful and prompted the founding of CANDLE, Inc., the 501c3 non-profit that oversees the program. In 2004 demand grew for the replication of Butler's grassroots effort and the Model Program was developed.

This success has warranted an evaluation of the theory and outcomes of the presentation. CANDLE, Inc. has undergone various evaluations and currently is a legacy program on NREPP (National Registry of Evidence Based Programs and Practices).

NECAPT Service to Science afforded research assistance for program development and study design towards our next research goal. Download additional information here.

Click here to see our legacy listing on NREPP

Reality Tour® - Your Community-based Prevention System

  • Affordable for any community at $3,500 for the Program Model purchase
  • Rotary Lion’s, Jaycees are successfully using as a club project 
  • No travel to train or extra training fees
  • Volunteer-driven
  • Proven to be self-sustaining
  • Networks 12 sectors of the community
  • Free updates for emerging drug trends
  • ‘Best Practices’ online training's and awards
  • Easy download Program Model
  • Start up after just 3-5 training sessions (90 min. each)
  • Free stakeholder meeting materials, request from CANDLE, Inc.
  • Request free ‘Overview’ video
  • Schedule webinar with developer


  • Sponsorship dollars or corporate sponsorship's
  • Income from registration fees and donations
  • Members to support a prevention network or coalition
  • Participants for other prevention activities

 Surveys 90 Days after attending Reality Tour:

91% of families increased discussion94% reference info from RT

91% youth say it's easier to talk with parents 100% youth said they would never forget RT

Explore the Reality Tour if you share these prevention goals:

  • Educate parents
  • Engage youth in significant volunteer roles & engage adults in volunteer roles
  • Provide tools for parental monitoring/in-home discussion 
  • Provide an evening program the entire community supports and attends 
  • Partner with schools. Attract community partners. Involve coalition members. 
  • Provide the latest information on current drugs, risky behaviors & drug trends
  • Institute a program that is memorable to parent and child 
  • Provide information to form the foundation for ongoing parent/child discussion 
  • Institute a program that involves local law enforcement & recovery community
  • Institute a program that general public will support & attracts prevention dollars
  • Provide a comprehensive, consequence-driven, research-based program 
  • Provide a permanent community-based prevention program 
  • Provide a program that serves both the general public and at-risk population 
  • Provide a program that can significantly impact a geographic area
  • You want a program that will function as a community wide prevention system
Bring Reality Tour to your Community! | How to get Started | Request Private Teleconference | Request Purchase Information